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February 11th, 2017 at 01:35 pm

Went to Dollar General today. Armed with coupons. Finished shopping and am in line. First comment by checker: "Oh my" when she sees my eight coupons.
Then when three of them would not scan she told me they were outdated.
Um, no they are good until March 8.

She says she needs to get the other girl to come up from the back to do it.
I say okay.
She gives me a look and says "I hate to bother her. Her back hurts."
I don't say anything so she calls for the other employee.
Other girl starts doing the coupons.
First girl looks at me and says "Oh, s__t."
Then looks at me and says, "oh, sorry."
Now the entire store had no other shoppers. I am serious. No one waiting in line.

changes in plans

February 6th, 2017 at 10:18 am

I wont be having my knee replacement surgery tomorrow. I came down with what I guess is the flu on Friday. I had to leave work in the morning and have not left the house since then. Its weird type of flu. The surgeon wants to postpone surgery until Feb. 23. which is okay with me because I feel so bad. They want me to go to the family doctor today and see if I have the type A or whatever. Gahhhhh......
So 25 dollars office call today at doctor. I spent no money this weekend, but DH spent a little, only at the grocery store and gasoline, and then twenty dollars to our oldest son.
Oldest son is 24 and has mild mental retardation, and lots of other issues phychologically. He comes home almost every weekend and always wants spending money. Its a fact that its where at least 80 to 100 dollars a month of our money goes, sometimes more.
I don't know what I have, as far as flu, but its wicked.