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Coming out of the fog

January 25th, 2017 at 12:33 pm

Our weekend trip to Iowa was fun. It was great to see the grandbabies. But it was a failure as far the money allocated. I need to remember that trips always end up costing more than what was planned for. At least usually.
I took enough cash, but at the hotel, when I wanted to pay cash for the night, they wanted an additional $100 for possible damage. I didn't have debit card with me, and was not going to use a credit card if possible. so I gave them the $100, and we hung around the hotel mostly. The kids swam and then went back again late to swim, and then woke up to swim. Whoo. So instead of spending $150 for everything, it was more like $250. Frown
I worked Monday and Tuesday as a sub at my local school. Today I had my class that they want you to take before having a knee replacement. I got a few things at Price Chopper that were on sale and used a few coupons.
The big sale there starts tomorrow. I will be staying around home tomorrow so on Friday I plan to go back to P.C, and stock up and use a bunch of coupons.
It is dawning on me that my knee replacements, both current one and the upcoming one won't last forever. They say maybe 15 to 20 years, if you "treat them right". It is scary to think of being 15 years out from here and having them wear out.
I have only recently begun to contemplate what DH and I are going to do for health insurance after his retirement. Am I correct in remembering from somewhere that if you were born after 1959 your age to being receiving medicare is not 65, but 70? Can somebody tell me if that's correct?

Iowa bound on a budget

January 18th, 2017 at 09:17 am

I worked yesterday at the district further from home. No spending other than DH getting gas, and me picking up my vitamins and stuff that the surgeon called in for use after my surgery feb. 7. Just vitamin C and iron pills. That way I will have that done.
I came home from work with my knee being really painful. The doctor says it is mostly bone on bone, so walking on it for long periods is tough. I made the decision last night to not go into my sub job today at the far-district school. I am on the schedule tomorrow and Friday for my in-home district, and its a tough schedule. The lady I am subbing for there pretty much stays on a run all day. So doing things around home today and planning to rest my knee.
Our two oldest grandbabies, who are 6 and 4, moved with their dad, our ex son-in-law to Iowa in October. These are kids who have lived with us parts of their lives and that we have always had total access to day in and day out. So for them to move three and a half hours away is an adjustment for this MeMe! We have seen them twice since then, by meeting halfway. But this weekend on Saturday morning we are going to go to Iowa to see them, and stay in a hotel so they can swim and all of that!
Hotel will be approx. $100, with the pool and the full breakfast included. DH and I plan to get breakfast somewhere Saturday morning as we get on our way. We have take snacks for the kids for the evening in the hotel. Ive never visited Iowa, so that will be new, plus I get to see my monkeys. After this weekend not sure when I will see them again, due to upcoming surgery and being house-bound, so this weekend is pretty special.
I plan on keeping spending to under $150, including the night at the hotel.
Will see if I can succeed at that.