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Small victory

January 19th, 2017 at 04:12 pm

Whoo Hoo! it was a no spend day. Neither DH or I spent any money, other than his spending money he had. I didn't even buy a Coke from the vending machine at work. I was going to, but only had a bunch of nickels with me. So two victories, no money spent and no Coke consumed.
Coke is definitely my weakness. Frown
I worked at my home district school today. The schedule that I thought would be tough, and run my knee down turned out to not be that bad at all. I enjoyed her schedule, and am on for her again tomorrow and Monday, as well.
Another victory is.....I called the hotel in Iowa back and used our Farm Bureau membership to get ten dollars knocked off the bill. Smile We've been Farm Bureau members for years but we've never utilized any of the benefits.

Ready for the week ahead

January 16th, 2017 at 08:24 am

DH off for MLK day, and schools are out, so no work for me. I may go later in the day to check on my dad. He is 82, and though he is in fairly good health for his age, I still like to keep an eye on him. He lives alone and has a big house and yard to take care of. My brother lives down the road.
Tomorrow I am on the schedule for one of my two school districts to substitute. I have been on a long-term (5 weeks) assignment in preschool there. This particular district is 45 minutes from my home, but halfway I park and ride with a friend who works there, so that saves on gas. They pay sub paras very well there. I've had three longer term assignments in that district already this year, which has been a real blessing to our finances. When I first considered subbing there in spring of 2016, DH wasn't for the idea. He kept saying it was too far and that I wouldn't make any money. I've proven him wrong on that, lol. The rest of the week I am supposed to be on the schedule for my local home-town elementary.
I am having knee replacement surgery in early February, so I'm trying to work as much as possible in January so that my Feb. 10 paycheck will be substantial. Of course that means that in March I will have no paycheck Frown. But I need to have my knee done.
My goal for 2017 is to save 20 percent of our paychecks. I had been doing ten percent in 2016, but it is time to up the game.